Response by Linda Ashok

Language and Silence - Selected Poems of Svetlana Marisova  is an excellent compilation of the deceased poet’s works. I have known many poets who fear the brevity of haiku; such controlled expression, such dignified and lucid structure that can ride any waves with equal charisma. This book is a chasm, a bottomless will, a harvest of her philosophy, her observations, her surgical interpretations and lining up of truth and falsity, it is the time by when the poet has arrived at her life.

Smoked in the fire of self introspection, Svetlana’s words taste of joy, agony, arrival, death- an entire metamorphosis of a kind; the exit of a caterpillar into a posthumous life of an unbridled romance with the cosmos.
a slug inches
along its trail of slime —
spring's epitaph
A treacle of malady, a meter of breath, sonorous ambiguity, thus how I capture the essence of Svetlana’s life parceled back to her genesis. I assure you’ll enjoy the deep thuds of her silence as she steps down the fort of her life reading her world to you.