ahh rainbow!
the light passing
through me

. . . is a poem that finds us at the ending of a brilliant life, a talented young person, a bright smile - Svetlana Marisova.  Her final poem, a masterpiece of expressing what she anticipates as she passes from this realm to the next.  There is excitement and passion; there is expectation; and, there is innocence.

Her poetry is exemplary in her use of imagery, spirituality, and imagination.  She travels the road of hokku tradition yet finds no limit in her ability to express herself.  Young, yet wise: passionate.  Svetlana petitions:

spring wave . . .
let me not struggle
as you lift me

Knowing her time was short, that her fight was nearly over, she ponders her free release to the Tao of things - the coming and going - even of herself. 

This book, Language and Silence, is a collection of masterful works that begs the reader to lean forward, read, and ponder.  Dream-room is plentiful.  The sense of aloneness that Basho is so famous for is plentiful - in her words - in her spaces between the words.  Designed but not controlled; written, but inspiration was her ink.  

Reading the book backwards, she leads us further away from her death - closer to her life.  The balance.

a girl
before the altar . . .
rising moon

She dreams.  She envisions.  She wonders.  Alone yet in some way, ready - to ascend; her spiritual destination awaits.

The book opens with (chronological order):

come and let us step
into the breaking of dawn
becoming fire . . .

Svetlana reaches for new horizons within her own passion and offers an invitation for all to join.  Just a few years before she will die, Svetlana is emerging - growing into herself - manifesting her spiritual essence, here on earth, through her heart, her passion, her love, and her words.

breathing . . .
and in between,

spring —
her heartbeat

lonely vigil —
a distant bird deepens
the silence

chill before dawn —
distant stars twinkle
on my emptiness

Her journey of ups-and-downs continues.  The rise of hope; the fall to knowing. 

the lessons
I never learned . . .
falling rain

Her war continues - to live or to die - to hope or to give up.  She shares her innermost feelings and thoughts through her haiku.  She surrenders; she cries; she prays: every tick of the clock leads her one step closer to her destiny.  She shows us the way of courage.

final act —
facing the death scene
without a script

Svetlana had the courage to live.  She had the courage to die.  Language and Silence is a poetry book that will leave you with wider eyes, stronger heart, and greater faith.  It will leave you with Svetlana's voice.

I congratulate Karakia Press for their wonderful presentation of Svetlana Marisova's poems!  They have captured her legacy in a crisp and perfect way - letting this young lady tell her story without interruption.  Language and Silence is a reader's paradise.