Michael Boiano is an exceptional tanka poet. Too much of what is passed off today as tanka is anything but . . . sentences and incomplete sentences that ignore Japanese aesthetics and structure. True tanka does not tell all. It suggests, inviting the reader to interpret. Composed with a minimum of words, it is one of the hardest poetic forms to master.

Boitano has done his homework. His tanka are individual gems to be savored and remembered. A poetry teacher could use his poetry as examples to emulate and study. I have his book. I cherish it. Serious students of tanka should purchase a copy. Tanka is not a hobby. It is a serious art-form. Reading his tanka will make you a better tanka poet.



Robert D. Wilson
Co-owner of Simply Haiku
Author of Vietnam Ruminations, Jackfruit Moon, Tanka Fields, Soldier's Bones, and 7 pivotal essays on haiku aesthetics
Retired administrator/educator