I have come to know Michael, a fellow blogger, as a generous and wise man. A man with whom I share the love for a kind of beauty that is both delicate and tranquil. His poetry is a wonderful example of that beauty, exposing, in the most simple of words, what moves him. Every poem is a journey into his soul, inviting you to listen silently and to enjoy the trip. It is a pleasure to accept his invitation, time and again.

The main thread of his book is his longing for a love who is often out of reach due to distance and circumstance. Moving from hope to longing, to the sweetness of requited love, he waits, wonders, and listens, finding cues, solace, and analogies in nature, all in a culture that is not his own. Though what he experiences is his personal story, it tells us that no matter where it is experienced, love, with its joys and challenges, is universal, common to all cultures no matter how different.

Along the way in this book, Michael's journey becomes one's own. His little vignettes show a the ambiguities and small subtle joys of those who venture into the world of love. He joins Japanese culture and people in sharing life at its deepest level, and through humor and passion he most assuredly shares a spiritual affinity.

Highly recommended to anyone who is fascinated by Japan and its culture, and who may understand the agonies and joys of longing.


Job Honig,

photographer, Republic of China